2010-10-31: The Chief Shepherd’s Shepherds

Sermon: The Chief Shepherd’s Shepherds
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Duration: 28:24
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New Life In The Same Old Place
“The Chief Shepherd’s Shepherds”
1 Peter 5:1-4

I. A Leader by Any Other Name

Is it any wonder that most people are confused about the specifics of church leadership, or what is often called church government or church polity?

A. What is an Elder?

Now the word for elder here is the word, presbuteros. It literally means, someone who is older.

The emphasis here is not on physical maturity, but spiritual maturity.

1. An Elder is an Overseer, Ministering (Shepherd)

So shepherd or pastor is simply another title for an elder. An elder is one who shepherds God’s flock.

And so here, an elder is also called an overseer.

2. An Elder May Be Worthy of a “Double Honor”

While there is no difference between an elder and a pastor and an overseer, we do find a distinction among elders.

This “double honor” simply means that they can devote more time to the work.

3. An Elder is Part of the Body, Not Over It

Elders who lead and teach are not any better than any other part of the body. They simply have a different role.

B. What is Peter’s Exhortation?

An exhortation is simply a strong encouragement to action.

1. Shepherd from a Willing Heart (5:2)

This makes their service a joy, not a chore.

2. Shepherd with Eagerness (5:2)

He should not only give his permission, but also his passion to the work.

3. Shepherd by Example (5:3)

God’s leaders are always servant leaders who follow the lead of Jesus, so that others will by led to serve Christ and others in His name.

C. What if You’re Not an Elder?

All of this means that in God’s economy, all of us desperately need the shepherding that God wants to provide for us through the men and women he has called as leaders.

1. Pray for Them

2. Encourage Them

3. Follow Their Lead

II. The Care of the Chief Shepherd

They have no function or authority or position apart from the Chief Shepherd.

Pray for His under-shepherds; encourage them; follow their lead as they follow Jesus’ lead.

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