2010-11-28: All I Want For Christmas Is…Hope

Sermon: All I Want For Christmas Is…Hope
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Duration: 27:10
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All I Want For Christmas Is…Hope
Advent 2010 Week 1

Is Christmas all about baking? Or is it wrapped up in football and food? Or is it all about shopping?

I. Definition of Hope

Hope is not only hard to find, it’s difficult to define.

Hope is a future certainty grounded in a present reality.

Hope is wishing for what God has already promised us.

In the Old Testament it means “to bind together, often by twisting.”

Hold on to the rope of hope when it’s hard to cope.

II. Dimensions of Hope

By its very definition hope is something that is invisible.

II Corinthians 4:18
Romans 8:24-25

When your grip begins to slip, hold on to…

1. Past Promises

Isaiah 64:1

2. Present Help

Psalm 46:1
Lamentations 3:25

3. Future Glory

I Corinthians 15:19
Galatians 5:5
Titus 2:13

III. Decisions for Hope

If you want to cope then hold on to the rope of hope then wrap yourself in these three things.

1. Get wrapped up in Scripture.

Romans 15:4

2. Get wrapped up in the Savior.

Jesus is the Savior.
Matthew 1:21
Colossians 1:27

3. Get wrapped up in salvation.

A. Admit your sinfulness.
B. Ask for help.
C. Accept Christ as your Savior.

Today can be the day that you change as well by making Christmas personal.

Jesus, I admit that not only do I have little hope but I have a lot of garbage in my life. I own my own sinfulness and recognize that you desire to wrap yourself around me today. I want you to be my Saviour. Please save me from my sins. I need your help. Thank you for coming to our world on Christmas. And then for dying in my place on the cross to forgive me for my sins and to give me the hope of heaven. I believe and I receive you into my life I accept your free gift o salvation. If there’s anything in my life that needs to change please change me.

Welcome Him to your world.