2011-09-18: iTruths For an iPod Generation – iSurrender

Sermon: iTruths For an iPod Generation – iSurrender
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: James 4:1-10
Duration: 23:39
Size: 10.8 MB

iTruths For an iPod Generation
James 4:1-10

The things of this world might keep you entertained, but they can’t give true satisfaction.

James 4:1-2

If you have God… what else could you possibly need?

James 4:4-9

If you want God… there’s a price to be paid:

Matthew 16:24

In order to obtain the satisfaction God wants to give you and I, we need to transform ourselves into little “i”s.

Only Jesus says: “Deny yourself…” deny yourself… deny yourself.

Essentially, James is telling us that when those emotions take over – it means WE have taken over. Our pride has been offended… and we’ve forgotten God.

How would you deal with it if someone did that to you… would you be angry?

Genesis 50:16-21

Joseph had the power… he had the opportunity… to exact his just revenge. But he refused to do that.

Matthew 5:5

Because of his meekness and his humility – God lifted Joseph up and gave him a great inheritance.

Romans 8:28

God is telling us that if we let Him be in control; if we look to Him for our total satisfaction in life; if we come to Him and humble ourselves before Him… He will make all things work together for Good in our lives.

Socrates said: “Know yourself”
The psychiatrist says: “Express yourself”
Many Counselors will say: “Love yourself”
The hedonist says: “Enjoy Yourself”
The waiter will tell you: “Indulge yourself”
The Personnel manager advises you: “Assert yourself”
Health aid companies advertise: “Take care of yourself”
Leisure time industries will tell you: “Pamper yourselves”

Only Jesus says: “Deny yourself”

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