2011-12-11: Learning From the Songs of Christmas – Silent Night, Holy Night

Sermon: Silent Night, Holy Night
Speaker: Pastor Frank Clore
Scripture Text: Isaiah 9:1-7; John 1:1-5
Duration: 31:40
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Learning From the Songs of Christmas
Silent Night, Holy Night
Isaiah 9:1-7; John 1:1-5

The story of this Christmas carol is one of how God provided in an amazing and unusual way to meet a pressing need. It is a beautiful illustration of God’s provision for us through Christ.

The celebration of his birth on December 25th has a long and complicated history. No wonder, then, that we depend upon our Christmas carols to draw a fuller picture of the birth of Jesus.

One form of silence that may have been evident that night would have been the troubled silence of the masses.

Another, very different form of silence this night, would have been that of the faithful who continue to quietly cry out to the LORD for His strength, wisdom and salvation!

Even midst all the pain and confusion of child birth in a stable, the uncertainties of the future and the controversies and whispers of disdain about her pregnancy and child, this teenage mother was given a peace that surpasses all understanding!

May Christmas remind us all that, in Christ and because of Christ, we may all “sleep in heavenly peace” no matter the times, world or circumstances in which we live. The world is absolutely in Christ’s Hands, “all power and authority” has been given unto Him and He has already done all that is necessary to secure our present and future salvation!

The peace of all humanity is not dependent on the present state of our world. Rather, it is dependent upon in whom and what our faith truly lies!

Jesus knows how we feel. He became on of us. Because He was one of us, but without sin, he was able to rescue us.

From the time of the Fall of mankind, the world has known only spiritual darkness. But the birth of Jesus, the Anointed Savior of the world, produces a new dawn! He was born in darkness, but the light soon followed Him.

Whereas the angels worshiped in a chorus of song, the shepherds worship was through seeking personal experience with the Christ and then spreading the good news of great joy to all who have ears.

There is no place Jesus will not go and bring His Light, so long as He is welcome!