2012-06-24: Beyond the Walls

Sermon: Beyond the Walls
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I John 3:16-18
Duration: 47:24
Size: 21.7 MB

Beyond the Walls
I John 3:16-18

I hope that you have a desire to be a caring person and someone that lives out the same kind of love that Jesus Christ modeled for us.

Step 1: LOVE (verse 16)

Love, for the Christian is a love that centers on Jesus Christ. He is our model. He is our standard.

Love is “laying aside” yourself on purpose and putting someone else first.

Our first step towards caring for others must be that we have the same kind of love that Christ showed… which lays aside ourselves and puts another first.

Step 2: PITY (verse 17)

Pity is feeling deeply for someone in the bowels of who you are… to your core.

It begins with love like Christ, but it must be more than that because Jesus was more than that.

Our second step towards caring for others is that you have to feel love and concern and compassion about others to the very core of your being and allow it to affect your heart.

Step 3: ACTIONS (verse 18)

As we have talked about, caring for others begins with love that lays aside self and feeling what the other person is going through… but action must follow.

  • God needs you to work beyond the walls of the church with Christ-like love!
  • God needs you to work beyond the walls with heart-felt pity for others!
  • God needs you to stop talking about what you could do… and do it!