2016-03-20: We Would Like To See Jesus

Sermon Audio: We Would Like To See Jesus
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 12:12-21
Duration: 21:14
Size: 9.72 MB

We Would Like To See Jesus
Palm Sunday 2016
John 12:12-21

There was a great crowd there that day that had come to celebrate the Feast of the Passover.

As the crowd begins to honor Jesus, I’m sure it gets the attention of the Roman soldiers.

Yes, I bet some of these soldiers probably laughed at the antics of the Jerusalem crowd that day, and at the sight of this so-called King.

And then there was probably another group of people there that day. If we go back to some earlier verses in John 12:9, we see those people.

The crowd came to see the spectacular, that is, to see Lazarus, the man rumored to have been raised from the dead.

How many come to church just because it is the thing to do, the place to be, the place where everyone else is?

And then there was another group of people there that day. The religious leaders were there.

These preachers and teachers, these church leaders, were only interested in themselves.

Yes, there were some of these bad shepherds in the crowd that day. And they even went so far as to plot to do away with Jesus.

Oh yes. I almost forgot one. You see, there was one more group there that day.

When we really seek Jesus, that’s when the name of God is glorified. That’s when real worship occurs.

“We would like to see Jesus.”