2017-04-23: Luke-The Investigative Gospel – The Resurrection

Sermon Audio: The Resurrection
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 24:1-12
Duration: 22:41
Size: 10.4 MB

Luke-The Investigative Gospel
The Resurrection
Luke 24:1-12

Jesus of Nazareth was verifiably dead. He was crucified with two thieves by Roman soldiers.

The resurrection of Jesus in Luke 24:1-12 shows us what happened to the women at the empty tomb of Jesus.

I. They Were Perplexed (Luke 24:1-4a)

The women went to the tomb of Jesus that first Sunday morning to complete the burial process.

At this point the women simply did not know where the body of Jesus was. The empty tomb intensified their grief.

II. They Were Rebuked (Luke 24:4b-5)

You see, the angels said to the women that they were mistaken in coming to anoint a lifeless corpse when they should have known he would be alive.

III. They Were Instructed (Luke 24:6-8)

Jesus had predicted his death and resurrection on several occasions.

Luke 9:22; Mark 9:31; Luke 18:31-33

At the end of the day, every one of us comes to believe the good news of the gospel because we believe the Word of God.

God is the divine author of the Word of God, let us hear his Word, and heed his Word.

IV. They Were Witnesses (Luke 24:9-12)

Like the women initially, the other disciples had not expected Jesus to rise from the dead.

The women were witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection, and the people to whom they witnessed should have believed their message.