2017-11-12: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – The Hero’s Authority

Sermon Audio: The Hero’s Authority
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 1:14-34
Duration: 18:09
Size: 8.31 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
The Hero’s Authority
Mark 1:14-34

Today as we continue looking at chapter 1 of Mark we will see that this man Jesus is much more than words but is a man of action.

Jesus is coming to rescue mankind and that is surely good news. Though the people misunderstood Him, Jesus was talking about rescue from sin, not rescue from political or military occupation.

The Lord Himself comes “walking” by us at some point and says “now is the time, follow Me.” What is your decision?

Jesus spoke in a way that they knew He had authority.

That in a way sums up Jesus. Jesus came to proclaim authority over the way God communicates with man and to simply let them know who is in charge.

Though healing the sick and releasing from demon possession was not His primary mission, the love and compassion of Jesus drove Him to heal many that had been brought.