2017-11-26: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – Outcasts

Sermon Audio: Outcasts
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 2:1-17
Duration: 19:17
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Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Mark 2:1-17

In Chapter 1 we saw Jesus, the ultimate action hero, begin his battle against the enemy, Satan, in Chapter 2 He takes the war to a new front and begins battling the religious establishment in Israel, which was just as much an impediment to entering God’s kingdom as Satan.

We need to also hear the word He speaks about the coming of God’s kingdom and His place as the central figure in that kingdom.

I can imagine the surprise and even perhaps irritation of those inside as little pieces of mortar begin falling on them and then the sun breaks through in the ceiling!

He is now moving towards the second great campaign, the battle with the religious establishment that was keeping people away from belief.

Remember now, Jesus’ ultimate goal is to let these men kill Him, so He carefully moves them in that direction by making them make a choice: worship Him or kill Him.

As far as who was expected to be included in God’s kingdom, a tax collector would have not have been on the list for the Jews.

Matthew and the paralyzed man and the Leper had something in common, they were all outcasts. Jesus reintegrated them into God’s family in two ways:

1. Forgiveness
2. Calling