2017-01-14: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – The Hero’s Power, Position, and Person

Sermon Audio: The Hero’s Power, Position, and Person
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 3:7-35
Duration: 21:22
Size: 9.77 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
The Hero’s Power, Position, and Person
Mark 3:7-35

In this section we see four groups of people and four different reactions to Jesus.

In this case they were in the presence of the ultimate hero and finding out that touching Jesus meant healing.

The twelve were not chosen because of their faith, their backgrounds, or their abilities. They were chosen because they answered the call and would obey their master.

It’s silly as we sit on this side of the cross, but they simply couldn’t accept the fact that their brother could be anything but an ordinary person who was out of his gourd.

Everything evil you have ever thought, done, or said, is covered by the blood of Christ.

You cannot blaspheme against the Holy Spirit by accident.

In one the greatest testaments to Jesus, these same brothers became believers after the crucifixion and James even became the leader of the church in Jerusalem.

In the end each of us must come to grip with how we feel about Jesus’ power, position, and person.