2018-02-25: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – How Much Do You Long For Jesus?

Sermon Audio: How Much Do You Long For Jesus?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 5:21-34
Duration: 19:09
Size: 8.77 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
How Much Do You Long For Jesus?
Mark 5:21-34

Today we read about the beginning of Jesus’ encounter with Jairus, and the woman with the flow of blood.

Sometimes it takes a real crisis to bring into focus what’s important, and when brought to an end in himself, Jairus doesn’t care about public opinion or his own doubts, he wants help and knows Jesus can help heal the sick.

She has something wrong inside of her, it is doing things to her that she doesn’t want, she cannot cure it herself, and it makes her unclean, cutting her off from fellowship.

Whether He already knew who the woman was or not, the point is that He wanted her to admit to the fact that she had reached out in faith to Him.

We too have been afflicted with brokenness – an infirmity that separates us from God, the source of which cannot be seen on the outside but we do see the result.

You can’t become a Christian by hanging out with Christians or at church any more than going into a hospital makes you well.

There are plenty of thieves of robbers out there in this age. But there is only one Good Shepherd. Do you hear His voice calling you?