2018-03-04: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – Do You Trust Me No Matter What?

Sermon Audio: Do You Trust Me No Matter What?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 5:21-43
Duration: 19:20
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Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Do You Trust Me No Matter What?
Mark 5:21-43

But in times of extreme personal crisis, your position in society, the possible outcomes of siding with Jesus – they all go out the window.

So, with heavy hearts they set off to tell Jairus that not only was his daughter dead, but that he had not been there to say goodbye.

The easier thing here would be to give into the fear of death and the grief of loss, to abandon hope because death is the final end – no one comes back from the dead.

Their laughing causes them to miss the greatest miracle Jesus would perform – raising the dead.

Jesus will do the same thing to us who fall “asleep” in death as a believer. We will “wake up” and be in His presence.

God is never rushed (Jesus paused to care for the woman) and God is never late. Time isn’t important to God (though it is to us) but timing is important.