2018-03-11: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero – What Do You Really Think of Jesus?

Sermon Audio: What Do You Really Think of Jesus?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 6:1-29
Duration: 20:23
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Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
What Do You Really Think of Jesus?
Mark 6:1-29

After a string of incredible miracles where even the dead were raised, with crowds were so thick that Jesus was barely able to move, and after such great victories – surely the people of his own town would now see those words from Isaiah in a different light.

Sometimes it is the church that stands between people and understanding who Jesus is. All they can see are the imperfect people in the church and they can’t see how Jesus could be anything special.

How odd it must have been for Jesus, knowing that He held life and was giving it away freely.

When we share the gospel, we are not responsible for the outcome, but for merely supplying the message in the best way we can.

When word got to Herod he bought into number three – perhaps reacting out of guilt over having arrested and then murdered John.

Herod was swayed easily by others and Herodias uses this to her advantage when Herod gave himself a birthday party.

I think this is no accident. Mark is trying to communicate that sharing the good news of Jesus Christ can be hazardous to your health.

Don’t dismiss Jesus as nothing more than a man. You will miss an opportunity to know the most wonderful man ever born.