2018-07-15: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Trotting In To Save The Day

Sermon Audio: Trotting In To Save The Day
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 11:1-24
Duration: 24:24
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Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Trotting In To Save The Day
Mark 11:1-24

This date is one of the most important in human history and following a vital prophetic clock, was the one and only day that the Jewish Messiah could be proclaimed.

What we are about to see is actually a carefully scripted event laid out in Biblical prophecy, starting with a colt.

For Jesus to ride was significant and the people recognized that He was fulfilling that prophecy in Zechariah 9, so they waved tree branches and leafy branches from the field and some placed them in front of Jesus like in 2 Kings.

Jesus came to do battle, of course, but it was actually against the Jewish religious system which had become so polluted that it actually kept people from understanding God’s Messiah.

In Jesus day the court of the Gentiles had become filled with people selling sacrifices and changing money into Temple shekels.

They couldn’t do anything at that time, though, because He was still popular with the people.

There appears to be a universal application as well that in service to Jesus we have unlimited power if we ask for it.