2018-07-22: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Ganging Up On Jesus

Sermon Audio: Ganging Up On Jesus
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 11:25-12:17
Duration: 19:17
Size: 9.33 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Ganging Up On Jesus
Mark 11:25-12:17

The only reason we can ask God for anything isn’t based on our merit but on His mercy and forgiveness.

This begins an extended section where Jesus confronts those directly who hold power in Israel.

They had asked Jesus for His credentials, so He asks them what they felt about John the Baptist’s credentials, hinting that both He and John got their authority from the same place.

Israel was supposed to show the world what a relationship with Yahweh was like, bring in the Scriptures, and provide a line for the Messiah.

Here Jesus clarifies that it was not Israel as a whole that was at fault, but the religious leaders.

What matters is if they believe He is who He says He is and trust Him.

He challenges them to give God the fidelity and faith and obedience that are indeed valuable in God’s kingdom.