2018-07-29: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Who is God and How Can I Get To Know Him?

Sermon Audio: Who is God and How Can I Get To Know Him?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 12:18-35
Duration: 20:01
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Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Who is God and How Can I Get To Know Him?
Mark 12:18-35

The Sadducees were enemies with the Pharisees and we see several places in the New Testament where people like Peter and Paul were able to leverage their theological differences to their advantage.

It seems that perhaps this argument was a stock one the Sadducees had used to great affect against the Pharisees in debates.

What created the problem for them and why they came to the wrong conclusion was that they placed their own values on top of the Scriptures instead of letting the Scriptures dictate their values.

The Sadducees didn’t see resurrection in the books of Moses so Jesus takes them to the only Scriptures they recognized and showed them that God is the God of men long dead–from an earthly perspective.

In Exodus 20, the Ten Commandments are broken up into two groups: one group involves staying faithful in our relationship to God, the other involves staying faithful in our relationships with others.

We can give all of the right answers but still not have a relationship with Jesus.

Every other theological debate is irrelevant before coming to terms with that question–is Jesus the Messiah?

In a way you could sum up verses 18 through 37 by saying that we greatly misunderstand who God is because we have overlaid our frame of reference over God.