2018-08-19: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Looking To The End Times

Sermon Audio: Looking To The End Times
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 13:1-23
Duration: 20:06
Size: 10.0 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Looking To The End Times
Mark 13:1-23

Here in Mark 13, Jesus lets them know what to expect before the military aspect of the Messiah comes about–and that for them, it isn’t about focusing on fighting or ruling but on being ready, being patient, sharing something He called “good news”, and that the intervening time would not be easy.

Jesus isn’t impressed by man’s structures, whether a magnificent temple or an impressive religious system.

So too, there are large spaces of time in between the events Jesus predicts.

Jesus’ words here tell them that disasters and major bad things will continue to happen but it doesn’t mean the end has come.

Don’t focus on signs the world is ending; instead focus on your job to share the gospel.

The disciples needed these words because the very things Jesus said here happened to them after His departure.

Though searching for signs takes us off task sometimes, there is a very specific sign that Jesus wants His people living in the Great Tribulation, to watch for.

In those last times people will want so badly for the Messiah to return that they might be deceived into thinking anyone who proclaims Jesus has returned is the One.