2018-09-09: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Intimacy & Agony

Sermon Audio: Intimacy & Agony
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 14:12-42
Duration: 24:14
Size: 11.9 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Intimacy & Agony
Mark 14:12-42

But before He goes to the cross, Jesus wants one last time with his men–to comfort them and warn them of betrayal both within their group and within themselves.

Jesus knew there was a price on His head and was very careful to arrange just when and where He would be arrested.

Mark is laser-focused on Jesus’ mission and so concentrates on the fact that Jesus identifies his betrayer.

I’m sure the real meaning was lost on the disciples but Jesus will shortly shed His blood to establish a new covenant between God and man–an everlasting covenant.

He may have felt like a failure but he still belonged to Jesus. And you know, even when we fail the Lord (and we will) He will never fail us!

Going to the cross was no small thing, even for the Messiah. He would be cut off from the Father for the first and only time.

No, look at what we see here: Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross “if it were possible” to redeem humanity any other way

But many times, the best way is not the easiest way and God’s way can mean we get hurt in the process.

Know that betrayals and troubles will come but that with God all things are possible. Sometimes, though, the only way out is going through the trial, not around it.