2018-09-23: Jesus-The Ultimate Action Hero–Betrayal

Sermon Audio: Betrayal
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Mark 14:43-72
Duration: 23:51
Size: 11.3 MB

Jesus: The Ultimate Action Hero
Mark 14:43-72

Beginning in Mark 14:43 we shift from Jesus being the source of the action to Him being acted upon by others.

There were not photographs so it was important that someone who knew Jesus point Him out among the disciples.

Jesus wants them to know that He knows their actions are unsupported and that the only reason He is allowing it is to fulfill God’s Word.

What Mark records here is really the second hearing–taking place at the current high priest’s house: Caiaphas.

The religious leaders had already rendered their judgment and were looking for facts to support it!

At this point Caiaphas was getting frustrated. He tried to trick Jesus into answering a false accusation.

They didn’t need any more witnesses because Jesus was either blaspheming or telling the truth.

This records Peter’s worst hour. He can’t escape who he is, though he tries desperately.

Mark focuses a lot of Peter here and the process of Peter’s denial:

making up
running away