2019-01-20: The Minor Prophets — Amos: Enduring Grace

Sermon Audio: Amos: Enduring Grace
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Amos 1-9
Duration: 22:20
Size: 10.9 MB

The Minor Prophets
Amos: Enduring Grace
Amos 1-9

Amos saw a vision–God standing by a wall that has been built true and straight.

So, Amos came and lifted up, in a sense, a mirror for them to look at themselves and judge for themselves.

God was telling them, if they continue to go down this road, they would face dire consequences.

God will not punish without warning.

God never condemns anyone. John 3:17 tells us very clearly. Jesus came in our world to save us, not to condemn us.

God does that in our lives, giving us His messages through friends, sermons, experiences we had, to remind us of our need to return to Him.

The book of Amos is the call of God for man to return to Him and His ways.

The Bible is the revelation of God–His being and His doings, His will and His ways.