2019-02-10: The Minor Prophets — Jonah: Merciful God

Sermon Audio: Jonah: Merciful God
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Jonah 1-4
Duration: 22:34
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The Minor Prophets
Jonah: Merciful God
Jonah 1-4

God is eager to forgive. He is glad that people are given second chances.

Whether the prophet comprehends God’s mercy is left unknown.

God is the God of the second chances. In fact, God creates the second chances.

God is relentless in giving His people warnings and opportunities to repent.

The fact that the people of Nineveh are alive, that sinners are alive and well today, is because God is holding off His judgement through mercy.

Jesus came showing mercy and lives were changed.

We pray that our hearts will be filled with His love, so that His mercy and grace can flow, unhindered by our pride and prejudice.