2019-02-17: The Minor Prophets — Micah: True Worship

Sermon Audio: Micah: True Worship
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Micah 1-7
Duration: 22:30
Size: 10.3 MB

The Minor Prophets
Micah: True Worship
Micah 1-7

We need to be deliberate in making time for God, to think about His Word, His workings in our lives, and His concerns.

They have all the outward forms, but their hearts were far from God.

God says, the best worship you can give Me is not the offering of the best calves or the most, thousands of ram, but to do what I have shown you.

If worship is an encounter with Christ, then it happens every day and everywhere.

The poor and needy are always on God’s radar screen. People are God’s concern.

If the Lord dwells in my heart, and is the Lord seated on the throne of my heart, then I am an agent of change for my world!