2019-07-21: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Disturbing Good News

Sermon Audio: Disturbing Good News
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 4:1-12
Duration: 21:28
Size: 10.7 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Disturbing Good News
Acts 4:1-12

So, why would we want to talk about something like this? What’s so good about it?

The disturbing good news about Jesus can bring healing and forgiveness to all who believe in Him.

I. Jesus Disturbs Those Who Reject God
Jesus disturbs people because He wants them to realize the truth about themselves and about God.

II. Jesus Changes the Lives of Those Who Trust Him
So, you might say that the disturbing message of Jesus changed them in this way: it made them willing to be disturbed for the sake of Jesus.

III. Jesus Is the Only Source of Healing
Genuine healing only comes from God. Satan will try to imitate God in order to deceive, but His power is limited, and will always take more than it gives.

IV. Jesus Is the Only Source of Salvation
There is not an alternative source for forgiveness or salvation–just as there is no other source for healing.