2019-07-28: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Being With Jesus

Sermon Audio: Being With Jesus
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 4:13-22
Duration: 22:06
Size: 10.7 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Being With Jesus
Acts 4:13-22

If we will spend time with Jesus, we can boldly go and do His will, facing anything that comes our way.

I. Being with Jesus Gives Us Courage
1. We can walk with Him by reading the Gospels (and the rest of the Scriptures).
2. We can spend time with Him through prayer.
3. We can spend time w/ Him through praise and worship.
4. Another way we can be with Jesus is to understand that He is with us all day long, wherever we go.

II. Being with Jesus Prepares Us for the Extraordinary
He used these ordinary men to work an extraordinary miracle of healing for the lame man.

III. Being with Jesus Teaches Us to Obey God
God does not want to hear how much we love Him unless we are willing to show it by our obedience.

Please understand that just doing good things is not enough to get us into heaven.

IV. Being with Jesus Gives Us Something to Say
As you get to know Him more and watch Him work in your life, you will be able to share that with others.