2019-08-11: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Living A Life Of Grace

Sermon Audio: Living A Life Of Grace
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 4:32-37
Duration: 21:48
Size: 10.8 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Living A Life Of Grace
Acts 4:32-37

When we live in such a way that God’s kindness and favor spills all over everyone around us—that is what it means to live a life of grace.

I. Grace Gives Us the Proper Attitude Towards Other Believers (Acts 4:32)
Sociologists, as well as psychologists, would probably tell you that people tend to form close knit groups based on commonalities.

II. Grace Gives Us Perspective about Ownership (Acts 4:32b,34-37)
Part of the outflow of the grace that was on them and the unity they shared was their willingness to share the material possessions and wealth God had blessed them with.

What kind of return are we bringing to God’s kingdom with the use of the resources God sends our way?

III. Grace Promotes a Biblical Lifestyle of Evangelism (sharing the good news) (Acts 4:33)
One of the greatest ways for people to know that Jesus is alive is through your life!

We do not need to apologize for the gospel or for our faith in Jesus!

This is what His grace is all about! It is favor that nobody deserves, yet it is available to all. God wants us to make His grace readily available to those who need it!