2019-11-17: Acts: Life In The Spirit — The Heart of a Minister

Sermon Audio: The Heart of a Minister
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 8:14-25
Duration: 20:54
Size: 10.3 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
The Heart of a Minister
Acts 8:14-25

If our hearts are right with God, we have an active part in the ministry of God.

I. God’s Ministers Must not Exploit His Presence
Whenever we start to think that it’s all about us, then we are in danger of abusing God’s power and exploiting His presence.

Peter let him know that God’s power was not about having a right formula; rather, it was about having a right heart before God.

II. God’s Ministers Must Have Hearts that Are Right with Him
Also, just because somebody prays the prayer of repentance does not mean that all of the baggage from their past just disappears.

III. God’s Ministers Must Confront Their Bondage
If you continue trying to hide your bondage behind smiles and closed doors, then you will never find the freedom you long for.

IV. God’s Ministers Must Make Repentance a Way of Life
If we confess our sins, God will forgive us and make us clean.