2020-02-16: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Doing Things God’s Way

Sermon Audio: Doing Things God’s Way
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 11:1-18
Duration: 23:39
Size: 11.6 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Doing Things God’s Way
Acts 11:1-18

Those who want God’s results in their lives, will persist in doing things His way.

How can we guard against doing things our own way or using somebody else’s way to try to get results?

I. Those Who Do Things God’s Way Can Expect Criticism
People matter to God, and when we are willing to do things God’s way to help them find the Lord, there is a very good chance we will face criticism.

II. Those Who Do Things God’s Way Must Respond
At first glance, we might think, “I shouldn’t have to explain myself when I’m only doing what God wants me to do!”

Peter made certain that God had confirmed His will, and then he humbly related it to his Jewish brothers.

Peter now knew beyond any doubt that God was doing something new, and he was able to welcome it and cooperate fully with God.

We can learn to live and move in tandem with the heart of God. We can align our actions with what God is doing.

III. Those Who Do Things God’s Way Rejoice When They See Him at Work
These Jews were so impressed by the vastness of God’s love for all of mankind (including the unclean Gentiles), that they began to influence one another to recognize God’s greatness.