2020-03-01: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Prison Break

Sermon Audio: Prison Break
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 12:1-17
Duration: 23:44
Size: 16.3 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Prison Break
Acts 12:1-17

We might feel like we are locked in our problems and life situations.

The Lord rescues and delivers those who put their trust in Him. How is such a prison break possible in our lives?

I. Bound by Two Chains
No doubt those were two physical chains used to restrain Peter from escape, but let’s look at two things that the chains could represent.

They wanted him to be bound up, not only in physical chains, but in emotional chains of hatred and despair.

II. Strengthened through a Praying Church
God often burdens others to pray for us, and sometimes He even uses them to help meet our need.

As we will see next, prayer not only brought comfort and freedom to Peter’s heart and mind, but it also brought about his physical freedom.

III. Rescued by a Loving God (The chains fell off!)
God wants us to be free…free from sin and bondage and free to do His will.

IV. Astonished by God’s Miraculous Deliverance
Have you ever been surprised by God? Has He ever worked so quickly and powerfully in your life that you were astounded?