2020-05-31: Acts: Life In The Spirit — A Model of Love

Sermon Audio: A Model of Love
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 15:22-35
Duration: 21:29
Size: 9.83 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
A Model of Love
Acts 15:22-35

Point #1 is that there was the attitude that brought about this decree of salvation and that attitude was humility. Acts 15:22-23.

The leaders, the apostles and elders, placed themselves on an equal level with the brothers of the church.

Point #2. There was the declaration of the decree. Ritual and law are not necessary to salvation and the disputers of that were rebuked. Acts 15:24.

Salvation is by grace alone and nothing is to be added to it. God and God alone saves.

Point #3. There were men chosen to proclaim the truth. Acts 15:25-27.

This message was so important that it needed to be proclaimed also by word of mouth.

Point #4. There were a few rules that were necessary. Acts 15:28-29.

Point #5. There were glorious results. Acts 15:30-35.

Note how God took the dissension and its subsequent events and worked it all out for the good of the Antioch church and for the cause of Christ.

Personal involvement communicates a strong message of love.

But love finds what is praiseworthy, the evidence of God’s work, and encourages.