2020-06-28: Acts: Life In The Spirit — The Joy of the Harvest

Sermon Audio: The Joy of the Harvest
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 17:1-15
Duration: 23:02
Size: 15.8 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
The Joy of the Harvest
Acts 17:1-15

If we ever want to see the harvest, we must faithfully plant the seeds and tend the garden!

I. If We Keep Sharing Our Faith, We Will See Results (Acts 17:1-4)
As we share our faith with others, and plant good seeds of truth in their lives, we need to hang in there and keep watering and nurturing and investing in them until we see the joy of the harvest!

We show our love for God by doing what He asked His followers to do–that is, tell others about Jesus, and the forgiveness and peace they can find in Him.

II. If We Keep Sharing Our Faith, We Will Face Resistance (Acts 17:5-9)
I’ve known people who did not want anything to do with Jesus or church because they thought it meant giving up some of the things they like.

However, it is also the most inclusive of all religions, because Jesus invites everyone who is willing to come to Him and share in His life.

Opposition will come if we keep sharing our faith, but we must still share it!

III. If We Want to Keep Sharing Our Faith, We Must Remain Flexible (Acts 17:10-15)
If Paul had not been willing to be flexible, he likely would have either been killed prematurely, or would have quit the ministry.

We need to take intentional steps to talk to our neighbors, our friends, and our family about Jesus. They need to see Jesus in our lives and by the way we love people.