2020-07-12: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Together We Win

Sermon Audio: Together We Win
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 18:1-11
Duration: 24:37
Size: 16.9 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Together We Win
Acts 18:1-11

If we will follow Christ together, we can win in the life struggles we face.

I. Being Together Helps Us Conquer Loneliness (Acts 18:1-2)
We are not alone, so it is imperative that we don’t live like we are! I need you! You need me. We all need each other.

II. Working Together Helps Bring Provision (Acts 18:3)
So, work is a good thing. It allows us to take responsibility for our own provision and can provide us opportunity to get to know others we are working with.

III. Ministering Together Helps Us Exceed Our Limitations (Acts 18:4-8)
We all have some form of ministry that complements the overall effort of God’s kingdom to reach people in need.

We have mental barriers that keep us from accomplishing all we are capable of with God’s help.

IV. Trusting Together Helps Us Overcome Our Fears (Acts 18:9-11)
The greatest weapon we have against fear is the knowledge that God is with us!

So, God is with us, and His people are all around us. We do not have to live in fear, but we can boldly share the good news about Jesus with others!