2020-07-19: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Promoting The Purposes of God

Sermon Audio: Promoting The Purposes of God
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 18:12-21
Duration: 21:05
Size: 14.4 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Promoting The Purposes of God
Acts 18:12-21

As individual believers who belong to God’s family, we must make God’s will the most important pursuit of our lives.

I. God’s Purposes Are Sometimes Furthered by Unlikely People (Acts 18:12-17)
Gallio was one of those people–not in the sense of being a follower of Christ, but in the sense of being used by God to protect Paul from harm.

Bottom line: God kept Paul safe for the time and furthered His own purposes through unlikely people like Gallio and a mob of Greek thugs.

II. God’s Purposes Are Advanced through Personal Commitment (Acts 18:18)
If we choose to make a vow to God to express our thankfulness, that is great–as long as we are prepared to fulfill what we promise.

You are the one who will choose what kind of commitment you need to make to get closer to God and allow Him to work through your life.

III. God’s Purposes Give Direction to True Christ-Followers (Acts 18:19-21)
Following God’s will is the one thing that will keep you on the right track.

Are God’s purposes being fulfilled in your life? Evangelism… Discipleship… Fellowship… Worship… Ministry…