2020-09-27: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Preparing For Your Future

Sermon Audio: Preparing For Your Future
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 21:1-15
Duration: 26:52
Size: 18.4 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Preparing For Your Future
Acts 21:1-15

Our preparation for the future must be based on God’s loving presence and the good plan He has for our lives.

I. God Often Uses Fellow Believers to Prepare Us for the Future (Acts 21:1-4)
Well, the first wave probably came after the Day of Pentecost in the year of Christ’s death and resurrection.

What I want to point out from these verses is that any of us can hear from God–if we are willing to listen.

II. God Invented Prayer to Help Prepare Us for the Future (Acts 21:5)
Prayer is a gift that was God’s idea. We can call on Him from our hearts, and somehow, He hears us and responds to our cry.

III. God Raises Up Prophetic Voices to Prepare Us for the Future (Acts 21:6-12)
In spite of many wanna-be prophets and those wanting to draw attention to themselves, there are many prophets today who really do hear from the Lord.

God will sometimes speak to us about the future. He may speak to us through Scripture or during times of prayer, or he may even speak through someone else, as they use the gift of prophecy that He gives.

IV. God Wants His Will to Guide Us Toward our Future (Acts 21:13-15)
But if we live each day in the center of God’s will, then we will find ourselves in the center of His bigger plan for our lives.