2020-10-04: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Keeping the Peace

Sermon Audio: Keeping the Peace
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 21:16-26
Duration: 23:18
Size: 15.9 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Keeping the Peace
Acts 21:16-26

Our words and actions have a direct impact on the unity of the church.

I. We Keep the Peace by Praising God for His Work among Us (Acts 21:16-20a)
If we have a heart full of praise, then the things that are inconsistent with praise should never come out of our mouths.

So, let’s keep praising the Lord together for His work among us. Not just to keep the peace, but because praise is the right and natural thing for a believer to do.

II. We Keep the Peace by Listening to other Believers (Acts 21:20b-23a)
Basically, they tell Paul that the believing Jews have been misinformed about him, and that the peace and unity of the church is at stake.

III. We Keep the Peace by Making Personal Sacrifices for the Good of All (Acts 21:23b-26)
Well, Paul did care about the Law of Moses. He says that the Law is good, not evil.

Paul was more than willing to make this personal sacrifice and more for the sake of peace and unity among the followers of Jesus.

Lord make me an instrument of Your peace.