2020-10-18: Acts: Life In The Spirit — The Power of Humble Surrender

Sermon Audio: The Power of Humble Surrender
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 22:1-30
Duration: 25:04
Size: 17.2 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
The Power of Humble Surrender
Acts 22:1-30

One of the greatest lessons we can ever learn is how to humbly surrender ourselves to the One who created us.

I. Sincerity Does not Produce Truth (Acts 22:1-5)
Many people are sincerely wrong in what they believe about God and in how they live their lives before Him.

II. Christ Takes the Treatment of His Church Personally (Acts 22:6-8)
Are you committed to helping the church become the kind of bride Jesus wants to come back for?

III. Submission Is the Proper Attitude towards Jesus (Acts 22:9-11)
Paul may not have fully comprehended that he was dealing with the Lord of the universe, but he did know that Jesus commanded his respect.

The power of humble obedience is great because it allows us to get in step with God.

IV. Repentance Is the Proper Action towards Jesus (Acts 22:12-16)
When it comes to our relationship with Jesus, no decision can become your decision if you never act on what you know.

V. God’s Plan Is of Greater Importance than our Plans (Acts 22:17-21)
As Paul is addressing this Jewish crowd, part of his defense here is that it was not his idea to leave Jerusalem and go to the Gentiles.

VI. A Religious Spirit Cannot See beyond its own Agenda (Acts 22:22-24)
First and foremost, God told them that He loved them and wanted to be close to them.

Their agenda was to protect their own religious system at all costs, not to love the Lord and to honor Him.

VII. Our Rights Must Come under the Leadership of Jesus (Acts 22:25-30)
We must always surrender our rights to the One who has every right to every area of our lives.