2021-08-22: The Life of David — David and Abigail (Part 2)

Sermon Audio: David and Abigail (Part 2)
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 25:32-44
Duration: 26:06
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The Life of David
David and Abigail (Part 2)
I Samuel 25:32-44

Feelings festered and other incidents occurred that finally resulted in the shooting death of Ellison Hatfield in 1882.

You may not think it out loud, but you really want to do something about what has been done to you.

I. David’s Response (I Samuel 25:32-35)
One moment he was filled with murderous rage; the next moment he was completely calm.

II. Nabal’s Death (I Samuel 25:36-38)
Abigail told him about how she had intercepted David and prevented David from killing Nabal and all the male members of his household.

We need to remind ourselves that the Lord will meet out retributive justice, always after we die but sometimes before we die.

III. David’s Vindication (I Samuel 25:39a)
When you are wronged, rebuffed, scorned, slighted, rejected, or even hurt, let the Lord therefore be judge and give sentence between you and the one who has wronged you.

IV. David’s Wives (I Samuel 25:39b-44)
Still, we should observe that David’s polygamy failed to uphold God’s design for marriage and would in the end lead to great harm to both David and his household.

This remarkable aspect of David’s conduct is strikingly similar to Jesus who did not come, in his first coming, “to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”