2021-08-29: The Life of David — David Spares Saul’s Life Again

Sermon Audio: David Spares Saul’s Life Again
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 26:1-25
Duration: 26:47
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The Life of David
David Spares Saul’s Life Again
I Samuel 26:1-25

Moreover, whereas Saul’s behavior remained essentially unchanged from the previous occasion, we see significant growth in David’s faith in this second incident.

In today’s lesson, we read how David and Abishai took Saul’s weapon from him while he–and all his guards–slept.

I. A Faithful Servant Is Patient (I Samuel 26:1-12)
The Lord was supernaturally protecting David and Abishai while they snuck right into the middle of Saul’s camp.

We may not know what God is doing, but we do have God’s word, and God calls us to obey his word while he works out his will for our lives.

II. A Faithful Servant Is Encouraged (I Samuel 26:13-16)
God encourages his faithful servants with some token, some evidence that he has not forgotten his word and promise to them.

III. A Faithful Servant Is Distressed (I Samuel 26:17-20)
A faithful servant is distressed when not able to be in the presence of the Lord.

IV. A Faithful Servant Is Hopeful (I Samuel 26:21-25)
A faithful servant’s hope is in the Lord and not in man. David trusted the Lord to reward him for his faithfulness.

As Christians, we are all dominoes in the chain reaction set off by Jesus 2,000 years ago.