2021-09-19: The Life of David — Saul and the Medium of Endor

Sermon Audio: Saul and the Medium of Endor
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 28:3-25
Duration: 23:21
Size: 16.0 MB

The Life of David
Saul and the Medium of Endor
I Samuel 28:3-25

Today’s lesson is about Saul and the final hopelessness of a person who thought he was right with God but in fact he was not.

I. The Desperation (I Samuel 28:3-6)
Now, however, Saul desperately wanted some spiritual guidance, but Samuel was no longer alive.

II. The Defiance (I Samuel 28:7-14)
He literally had to go around the Philistine army to get to Endor.

In his defiance against God, Saul was seeking guidance from the spirit of someone who had died.

III. The Danger (I Samuel 28:15-19)
This clearly was not what Saul wanted to hear. He was hoping to get some relief for his distress.

IV. The Despair (I Samuel 28:20-25)
Now he eats his last meal, prepared by a witch, and goes forth to certain death.