2021-10-03: The Life of David — David’s Wives Are Captured

Sermon Audio: David’s Wives Are Captured
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: I Samuel 30:1-31
Duration: 22:36
Size: 15.5 MB

The Life of David
David’s Wives Are Captured
I Samuel 30:1-31

Chapter 30 tells us what happened when David and his men arrived back in Ziklag.

I completely lost the sense of God’s presence. God was silent. And he remained silent for two years.

I. God’s Servant Is Distressed (I Samuel 30:1-6a)
Once they arrived in Ziklag, they discovered that the city had been burned, and no bodies were there.

Do you feel that things cannot get any worse? And then they do?

II. God’s Strength Is Provided (I Samuel 30:6b-10)
But, when his back was against the wall, when he was in significant distress, he went to his heavenly Father.

III. God’s Providence Is Indispensable (I Samuel 30:11-15)
God’s providence is indispensable in turning tragedy to triumph.

IV. God’s Grace Is Recovered (I Samuel 30:16-25)
A works-oriented view says that we get blessing for ourselves.

A grace-oriented view says that we receive God’s blessing only by his grace.

V. God’s Generosity Is Shared (I Samuel 30:26-31)
And I opened my mouth as I wept aloud, and I was surprised at what I heard coming out of my mouth. I heard, “I love you Jesus.”