2022-01-09: The Life of David — David Mourns Abner

Sermon Audio: David Mourns Abner
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 3:22-39
Duration: 23:43
Size: 16.2 MB

The Life of David
David Mourns Abner
II Samuel 3:22-39

David was seeking to establish God’s kingdom of peace on earth.

The fact is that Jesus Christ is perfect, and we are not.

I. God’s King Is Peaceful (II Samuel 3:22-23)
Instead of conflict there was now peace, as David received Abner into his fellowship.

II. God’s King Is Innocent (II Samuel 3:24-30,37)
Nevertheless, Joab, unknown to David, sent messengers after Abner and summoned him back to Hebron.

David was innocent of all wrongdoing.

III. God’s King Is Good (II Samuel 3:31-36)
David pointed his people–and us–to the true king, King Jesus. Jesus is good. He is always good.

IV. God’s King Is Gracious (II Samuel 3:38)
King David was showing himself to be a gracious king to those who came to him seeking reconciliation.

V. God’s King Is Gentle (II Samuel 3:39)
David was gentle toward Joab and Abishai. It takes great strength to be gentle.