2022-02-20: The Life of David — David and the Covenant of God

Sermon Audio: David and the Covenant of God
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 7:1-17
Duration: 23:43
Size: 16.2 MB

The Life of David
David and the Covenant of God
II Samuel 7:1-17

Even though David died, God promised David that he would “establish the throne of his kingdom forever”.

I. God Is Sovereign (II Samuel 7:1-3)
But as soon as David became king, he wanted the ark of God placed in Jerusalem, which was to be the political and spiritual capitol of the people of God.

David believed that God is sovereign. He clung to God so that he could sense the safe, sovereign heartbeat of God.

II. God Is Condescending (II Samuel 7:4-7)
Are they a pilgrim people on their way to the land of promise? So, he is the pilgrim God, sharing the rigors of the journey with them.

God knows that his people are in trouble. He condescends to help them in their time of need.

III. God Is Gracious (II Samuel 7:8-11)
David was the recipient of God’s unmerited favor.
That is, David did absolutely nothing to earn or merit the favor of God. God’s grace is unconditional.

IV. God Is Indefectible (II Samuel 7:12-17)
God’s promises often have two fulfilments, one in the short-term and the other in the long-term.

The Davidic covenant is an expression of the covenant of grace in that it tells us that David’s Greater Son, Jesus Christ, will rule on his throne for ever and ever.