2022-02-27: The Life of David — David’s Prayer

Sermon Audio: David’s Prayer
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 7:18-29
Duration: 25:30
Size: 17.5 MB

The Life of David
David’s Prayer
II Samuel 7:18-29

As soon as David heard what God was going to do for him, David responded in prayer.

I think that the most difficult thing to do as a Christian is prayer.

I. Praise for God’s Plan (II Samuel 7:18-22)
Do you take time daily to sit before the Lord and talk to him in prayer?
A. Praise for Previous Grace (II Samuel 7:18)
B. Praise for Promised Grace (II Samuel 7:19)
Are you justified by faith alone in Christ alone by God’s grace alone?
C. Praise for Sovereign Grace (II Samuel 7:20-22)

II. Prayer for God’s People (II Samuel 7:23-24)
David recognized that God’s people are unique. God had chosen them out of all the other peoples on the earth.
A. Prayer for God’s Redeemed People (II Samuel 7:23)
You used to belong to Satan. But then God redeemed you by the blood of his Son, Jesus Christ, and now you belong to God.
B. Prayer for God’s Preserved People (II Samuel 7:24a)
C. Prayer for God’s Privileged People (II Samuel 7:24b)
He becomes our God and we become his people when we are united to Jesus by faith in him.

III. Petition for God’s Promise (II Samuel 7:25-29)
A. Petition for God’s Name to Be Magnified (II Samuel 7:25-27)
His petition is for God to glorify himself in the wellbeing of his believing people.
B. Petition for God’s Promise to Be Fulfilled (II Samuel 7:28-29)
David gave praise for God’s plan, prayed for God’s people, and petitioned for God’s promise to be fulfilled.

1st, plan to spend time each day in prayer.
2nd, use a plan to guide your prayer.
3rd, use a prayer list.
4th, don’t give up.