2022-03-20: The Life of David — David Defeats Ammon and Syria

Sermon Audio: David Defeats Ammon and Syria
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 10:1-19
Duration: 26:43
Size: 18.3 MB

The Life of David
David Defeats Ammon and Syria
II Samuel 10:1-19

In II Samuel 10, David once again extended kindness, that is, hesed or steadfast love, to the son of a friendly neighboring king, who had died.

Like Onada, many people are fighting a lonely battle against the God who is offering reconciliation and peace.

I. Kindness Is Offered (II Samuel 10:1-2)
However, now that Nahash had died, David wanted to extend hesed to Hanun, Nahash’s son, for the hesed that had previously been extended to David by Nahash.

Well, Jesus’ offer of kindness is by far the best offer ever extended to anyone.

II. Kindness Is Rejected (II Samuel 10:3-5)
The rejection of David’s kindness points us again to the rejection of Jesus’ kindness. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.

III. Kindness Is Redressed (II Samuel 10:6-19)
David offered kindness. And that offer of kindness was rejected by Hanun. So, David set out to take action.

Joab recognized and affirmed that God was in sovereign control of the outcome.

David’s redressing of his kindness that was rejected teaches us that Jesus will redress any rejection of the kindness that he offers.

Those who have rejected Jesus will know in that moment that all their greatest treasures were nothing compared with him, and they will bitterly regret that decision.