2022-07-03: The Life of David — David Flees From Absalom

Sermon Audio: David Flees From Absalom
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 15:1-37
Duration: 26:38
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The Life of David
David Flees From Absalom
II Samuel 15:1-37

As we follow the life of David, we see him trusting the Lord in a new way in the midst of trouble that came his way.

Now that Absalom was in Jerusalem, he conspired to overthrow his father as king over all Israel.

I. Faith Is Challenged by the Enemies of God (II Samuel 15:1-12)
He sent messengers throughout all Israel telling those sympathetic to his cause that when they heard the sound of the trumpet, they would know that he was now king.

David’s faith was about to be challenged by the enemies of God.

II. Faith Is Supported by the Gifts of God (II Samuel 15:13-23)
At a time when David’s own son, all the men of Israel, and even his close advisor had turned against him, he must have felt wonderfully supported by this gift of God.

III. Faith Is Activated by the Will of God (II Samuel 15:24-29)
True faith is always an active faith. It is a working faith. It is not inactive. Faith is activated by the will of God.

IV. Faith Is Encouraged by the Providence of God (II Samuel 15:30-37)
David prayed. A short while later David bumped into a friend.