2022-07-24: The Life of David — David Mourns for Absalom

Sermon Audio: David Mourns for Absalom
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 18:1-19:8
Duration: 26:17
Size: 18.0 MB

The Life of David
David Mourns for Absalom
II Samuel 18:1-19:8

This account tells us of Absalom’s death and David’s mourning for his son, Absalom.

Historians tell us that the Black Plague or Black Death ran in various forms from 1347 to 1665 and killed at least 25 million people in Europe and from 75 million to 200 million worldwide.

It is interesting in light of our current worldwide pandemic.

I. The Death of a Son (II Samuel 18:1-18)
David’s command to “Be gentle” with Absalom was a poor command to give to his military leaders.

With Absalom dead, Joab called for his soldiers to stop pursuing Absalom’s army.

II. The Despair of a Father (II Samuel 18:19-19:8)
When David’s returning victorious army heard of David’s inordinate sorrow for Absalom, they entered Mahanaim stealthily, and the day of victory was turned into a day of mourning.

We are all like Absalom. We are faithless and rebellious. We do not want to submit to the kingship of Jesus. In our revolt against him, we want him out of our lives.