2022-07-31: The Life of David — David Returns to Jerusalem

Sermon Audio: David Returns to Jerusalem
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 19:8-43
Duration: 25:56
Size: 17.8 MB

The Life of David
David Returns to Jerusalem
II Samuel 19:8-43

Today’s lesson is about David’s return to Jerusalem and the grace he extended to those along the way.

His essential message, which was supposed to represent Jesus‘ message to a world of sinners, was this: “Hey, don’t be a dirty rose.”

I. Grace Is Given to the Unable (II Samuel 19:8-15,41-43)
The indecision of the Israelites mirrors our own futility in reconciling ourselves to the throne of God.

II. Grace Is Given to the Angry (II Samuel 19:16,18-23)
Some think that Shimei’s repentance was not true repentance.

III. Grace Is Given to the Betrayer (II Samuel 19:17-18,26-27,29)
When David asked Ziba where Mephibosheth was, Ziba betrayed his master by saying that he stayed in Jerusalem in order to regain the kingdom for himself.

IV. Grace Is Given to the Disabled (II Samuel 19:24-30)
Mephibosheth affirmed that he really did not care about property and wealth; he simply wanted King David back in Jerusalem.

V. Grace Is Given to the Generous (II Samuel 19:31-40)
Barzillai had been generous to David and his followers in their time of great need.

Instead of deservedly receiving his harshness and disfavor, Jesus offers us grace.