2022-08-14: The Life of David — David and the Rebellion of Sheba

Sermon Audio: David and the Rebellion of Sheba
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 20:1-26
Duration: 24:24
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The Life of David
David and the Rebellion of Sheba
II Samuel 20:1-26

But, even before he arrived in Jerusalem, another rebellion arose against David, which David considered even more dangerous than Absalom’s rebellion.

But David, like all of us, fell into sin. David’s failure showed that his kingdom was not the promised, eternal kingdom of God.

I. Rebellion (II Samuel 20:1-2)
David returned to Jerusalem with just a very small part of his kingdom still intact.

II. Sadness (II Samuel 20:3)
These precious women suffered because of David’s sin.

III. Instability (II Samuel 20:4-13)
Joab was extremely strong-willed and also extremely loyal to David, even though he at times disobeyed David.

IV. Deliverance (II Samuel 20:14-22)
Joab let her know that if she gave up Sheba, he would not destroy the city.

V. Administration (II Samuel 20:23-26)
However, the kind of leadership that is essential is humble and servant-hearted, not proud and ambitious.