2022-09-18: The Life of David — David’s Last Words

Sermon Audio: David’s Last Words
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: II Samuel 23:1-7
Duration: 22:57
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The Life of David
David’s Last Words
II Samuel 23:1-7

I do not think that these are literally the last words of David. More likely, these words are David’s testimony about the coming kingdom.

King David’s last words bear testimony to future generations as well.

I. The King’s Identity (II Samuel 23:1)
David was identifying his humble origin. David was the youngest of Jesse’s seven sons.

David was chosen by God not because David’s heart attracted God to him but because God’s heart was set on David.

II. The King’s Inspiration (II Samuel 23:2-3b)
The first eight lines of David’s last song were preparatory for what was to follow.

III. The King’s Instructions (II Samuel 23:3c-7)
Nevertheless, these words were a promise through David about a future ruler who would be a righteous ruler who ruled in the fear of God.

David’s instruction regarding the promise of future blessings is that his, and our, hope and joy should be focused on God’s covenant of grace.

David was warning all readers of future destruction that awaited all who did not embrace God’s covenant of grace.

You’ve got to decide whether those signs are there to save you or to ruin your fun. You’re of age-you decide.