2023-02-26: The Final Week — Who Are You Looking For?

Sermon Audio: Who Are You Looking For?
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: John 18:1-14
Duration: 10:00
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The Final Week
Who Are You Looking For?
John 18:1-14

You know, Jesus loved to ask questions. As I was doing some web surfing, I discovered that Jesus asked over 300 questions in the four gospels.

In fact, Judas was at the Last Supper… and Jesus even washed Judas’ feet.

Jesus came to save the worst of sinners, whether Judas, Paul… or me.

One problem too many people have is that they are afraid that they don’t know enough to witness to others.

There’s a common agreement amongst a lot of scholars that when you read a person’s name in the Gospels it’s probably because he/she had become a Christian.

The way for us to touch people for Jesus is to share how Jesus touched us.