2019-12-01: The Story Seldom Told — The Story of a Birth

Sermon Audio: The Story of a Birth
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Luke 1:57-66
Duration: 21:56
Size: 11.1 MB

The Story Seldom Told
The Story of a Birth
Luke 1:57-66

And in that is the entire mystery of the incarnation, Jesus 100% Man and 100% God.

And yet the story of John’s birth is not only a vital part of the story of Jesus’ birth but the story of John’s ministry is a vital part of Jesus’ ministry.

The fact that they had no children would have been a personal tragedy in a society and a culture where children were seen as a blessing from God.

And while most of us think of the birth of Jesus as the beginning of the story, the beginning of the story really goes back to the birth of John.

But to make sure that people understood, Luke the Doctor very clearly states that this couple was a righteous couple who had pleased God.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

As far as we know Zechariah went home, conveyed the message of the angel to Elizabeth.

Our model is Christ. So, let’s stop telling the world how bad their sin is and let’s start sharing how good the Father has always been.

Hundreds of people had heard John speak of the coming Messiah and there was an air of expectancy when John finally pointed to Jesus as the promised Messiah.

And while it comes at the end of the story not the beginning, we discover that doing the right thing often has a price that must be paid.

2019-11-24: A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Sermon Audio: A Psalm of Thanksgiving
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Psalm 100:1-5
Duration: 21:48
Size: 10.8 MB

A Psalm of Thanksgiving
Psalm 100:1-5

In this Psalm we see three things about thankfulness.

1. The Invitation of Thanksgiving (Psalm 100:4)
God invites us into His presence. He is inviting us to come. To respond to his love and grace. God wants to spend time with us.

2. The Motivation of Thanksgiving (Psalm 100:5)
What is it that motivates us to give thanks today?
What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

There would have been no first Thanksgiving without Squanto who made a choice to forgive out of the forgiveness that he had received in Christ.

3. The Celebration of Thanksgiving (Psalm 100:1-3)
We come thoughtfully declaring aloud God’s goodness. There are so many different reasons to give thanks.

When we think of all that God has done for us the natural response is worship.

Take time to experience God’s goodness in a fresh way this coming week.

Make sure you take time this Thursday to celebrate.

2019-11-17: Acts: Life In The Spirit — The Heart of a Minister

Sermon Audio: The Heart of a Minister
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 8:14-25
Duration: 20:54
Size: 10.3 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
The Heart of a Minister
Acts 8:14-25

If our hearts are right with God, we have an active part in the ministry of God.

I. God’s Ministers Must not Exploit His Presence
Whenever we start to think that it’s all about us, then we are in danger of abusing God’s power and exploiting His presence.

Peter let him know that God’s power was not about having a right formula; rather, it was about having a right heart before God.

II. God’s Ministers Must Have Hearts that Are Right with Him
Also, just because somebody prays the prayer of repentance does not mean that all of the baggage from their past just disappears.

III. God’s Ministers Must Confront Their Bondage
If you continue trying to hide your bondage behind smiles and closed doors, then you will never find the freedom you long for.

IV. God’s Ministers Must Make Repentance a Way of Life
If we confess our sins, God will forgive us and make us clean.

2019-11-10: Acts: Life In The Spirit — Amazed by Grace

Sermon Audio: Amazed by Grace
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 8:9-13
Duration: 18:43
Size: 9.13 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
Amazed by Grace
Acts 8:9-13

The truth about Jesus will have a powerful effect on those who receive it.

I. Power Attracts People (Acts 8:9-11)
Aside from facing times when our only answer must come from a higher power, there is something within us that wants to see something supernatural happen.

II. Power without Truth Is Dangerous (Acts 8:11)
We know that there are other powers and spiritual forces around, but Paul tells us to be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.

III. The Power of the Truth Leads to Freedom (Acts 8:12-13)
So, with a sense of mission he headed towards a Samaritan city to tell the people about Jesus.

God’s grace can reach even the worst of sinners.

2019-11-03: Acts: Life In The Spirit — The Prevailing Purpose of God

Sermon Audio: The Prevailing Purpose of God
Speaker: Pastor Val Watkins
Scripture Text: Acts 8:1-8
Duration: 30:08
Size: 14.3 MB

Acts: Life In The Spirit
The Prevailing Purpose of God
Acts 8:1-8

Now, God does not take pleasure out of forcing someone to love Him, so He does give us a free will.

I. God’s Purpose Is Always Under Attack (Acts 8:1,3)
Whatever the reason, the heat was turned up in opposition to the purpose of God.

We have a nasty enemy who does not want anyone to receive Jesus or experience lasting peace.

II. God’s Purpose May Be Fulfilled Through Grief and Suffering (Acts 8:2,4-5)
Now, the ripples of Christ’s work were being felt not only throughout Israel, but in Samaria.

However, sometimes God may be saying, “I have a higher purpose for you than just making you feel good.”

III. God’s Purpose Includes Demonstrations of His Power (Acts 8:6-7)
When we share the love of Jesus with someone, we should be able to say with boldness that Jesus Christ wants to make them whole!

Sometimes people today never really hear the gospel, because they are so overwhelmed by their problems.

IV. God’s Purpose Brings Joy out of Sorrow (Acts 8:8)
Because Philip was willing to minister out of his grief and suffering, these Samaritans were able to see God turn their sorrow into joy.